Helena Summer


Deliciousness Chef


Helena Summer is the founder of a lifestyle movement she calls Liv Delicious.  (You’ll have to listen to the interview to find out what happened to the e.) This idea was born in Croatia when Helena was only 15.  War shattered her teenage dreams and took the life of her best friend. From shelters to refugee camps Helena learned survival skills and grew up quickly. Wanting to remove bitterness out of life, she spent 6 years in spiritual studies as a missionary nun.

Her first romantic experience was an arranged marriage to a former priest. Yes, she got married and divorced before she even had a first date! Her next step was to study dating and relationships, being mentored by some of the world’s most popular relationship experts. Building on her studies in the healing arts, mind power, meditation, yoga, NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) she found the key to creating her own successful relationship and coaches others in doing the same.

In this interview Helena discusses how discovering her own “deliciousness” has enhanced not only her quality of life, but dramatically improved the caliber of her clients and the success she can help them achieve.


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